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Iž6                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

grandmamma were put in prison, and he remained
with Madame Lorenzi. When they met again
they were quite amazed to find he could read and
write very well.

Madame de Boufflers has just bought of the
nation half of her estate very cheap. During the
reign of assignats they built themselves a house in
Normandy, improved the place, and did a vast
deal of good, with literally nothing.

I have heard that Truguet, on delivering
the convention which I had signed, had a smart
altercation sur mon sujet, with the cart-horse of
Colmar, Reubel.

I was at the Cercle de 1'Harmonie, a new
concert under the direction of the mulatto, St.
George; it is held at the old apartment of the
Duchess d'Orleans in the Palais Royal.

March 23rd, 1797.

M. Koenig has made a very precipitate retreat
from Paris, but whether by order of Sweden
or of France is not known. Two agents of the
Directory have been to Abb6 Kearney's friend to
ask questions about me, and said I might remain